Celtic Songs vol.9 Willy Maley

説明:タイトルはセルティックの初代監督ウィリーメイリーの名前をとったもの。1897年から43年間の長きにわたり監督を務めた。今までの栄光の歴史や歴代のレジェンドの歌詞の中に名前が出てくる。And they~からのサビの部分は特によく歌われる。



Oh Willie Maley was his name,
He brought some great names to the game,
When he was the boss at Celtic Park.

Taught them how to play football,
He made the greatest of them all,
Gallagher and Quinn have left their mark.

And they gave us James McGrory and Paul McStay,
They gave us Johnstone, Tully, Murdoch, Auld and Hay,
And most of the football greats,
Have passed through Parkhead’s gates,
All to play football the Glasgow Celtic way.

In ’38 there was a show,
And Glasgow was the place to go,
A model of the Tower was football’s prize.

England sent four of the best,
They didn’t meet with much success,
Because the trophy ended up in Paradise.


Well Coronation time was here,
Fifty three, that was the year,
Another four from England met their doom.

They said we’ll have to try again,
But like before it was in vain,
Because the Cup is in the Parkhead trophy room.


Well fourteen years had gone and so,
To Portugal we had to go,
To play the team that Italy adored.

Celtic went out to attack,
They won the Big Cup and they brought it back,
The first time it had been on British shores.


Now 21 years to that day,
With pride, It’s our Centenary,
And we’re among the honours once again.

Six million pounds the huns did spend,
But Souness found it was in vain,
Because the Celtic are the Champions again.


And now in 1995,
It feels good to be alive,
And we’re about to celebrate again.

The fans all cry out for Pierre,
He rises up into the air,
And brings the Scottish Cup to Paradise.