Celtic Songs vol.12 Four Leaf Clover

説明:これもThe Celtic Song同様試合前によくかかる曲。試合中であまり歌われることは最近多くないが、Four Leaf Clover =Celticの象徴的な歌なので歌うの少し難しいけど覚えたい一曲。



With a four leaf clover on my breast,
And the green and white upon my chest,
It’s such a joy for us to see,
For they play football the Celtic way.

It’s been ten years, long time indeed,
We stood with pride and we took defeat,
Our beloved team, our ancient ground,
Has been rebuilt, a club reborn.


McCann he rode the winds of change,
And the things he brought will long remain,
A phoenix rising, a house of steel,
And 60,000 Celtic dreams.


The work is done and the stage is set,
The Celtic dream can now be met,
In a sea of dreams, we’re here today,
Lets sit and watch the Champions play.#