Celtic Songs vol.5 Celtic Symphony

説明:これもサビのChorus2とChorus3が必ず毎試合歌われるぐらい人気の曲。原作はアイリッシュレベルバンドのウォルフトーンズ。Up the RAというのはRA= Republican Armyのことなので、セクタリアンソング(差別につながる)と扱われる可能性もある。歌詞の中に東京が出てくる。






It was far across the sea,
When the devil got a hold of me,
He wouldn’t set me free,
So he kept me soul for ransom.

Chorus 1
na na na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na na.

I’m a sailor man from Glasgow town,
I’ve roamed this world round and round,
He’s the meanest thing that I have found,
In all my days of wandering.

Chorus 1

And I could see his evil eyes,
It was then he took me by surprise,
Take me to your paradise,
I want to see the Jungle.

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
Here we go again,
We’re on the road again,
We’re on the road again,
We’re on our way to Paradise,
We love the jungle deep,
That’s where the lion sleeps,
For then those evil eyes,
They have no place in Paradise.

Chorus 3
Grafitti on the wall just as the sun was going down,
I seen graffitti on the wall ( Up the CELTS, Up the CELTS),
Graffitti on the wall it says we’re magic, we’re magic,
Graffiti on the wall….I see graffiti on the wall……..
And it says
Ooh ah up the Ra, say ooh ah up the Ra (x5).

We went through each jungle deep,
For the Paradise that we did seek,
Was no trip for the weak,
We’re waltzing with the natives.

Chorus 1

From the Amazon to Borneo,
From Africa to Tokyo,
To the darkest jungles of the world,
But nowhere could i lose him.

Chorus 1

Around in circles every way,
He turned to me and he did say,
I think your leading me astray,
I want your soul me bhoyo!

Chorus 1,Chorus 2,Chorus 3

With the devil spittin blood,
He said welcome to my neighbourhood,
I’d lose him if I could,
But he was always there beside me.

Chorus 1

He took me back to Glasgow town,
Around the world around and ‘round,
The Celts were playing at the Rangers ground,
So I took him up to Ibrox.

Chorus 1

While Mingling with the crowd that day,
I lost him along the way,
You can see him to this very day,
Cheering for the Rangers!

Chorus 1,Chrous 2,Chorus 3